First trial class only £5.25 


Yoga mats are also available to borrow. 

For further details please contact Lisa Heaps directly on 

0770 803 6636‬

Further information

HATHA YOGA for Wellbeing 


Horwich St Marys Football Club Scholes bank

We are a friendly group, enjoying simple yoga asana (postures) & mini sequences, Breathing (Pranayama) and Relaxation, this class is suitable for beginners and those who enjoy a steady, gentle to moderate practice (options are given to suit the individual)

My yoga class will leave you feeling lifted and well within yourself, helping to calm mild anxiety, lift low mood, lower blood pressure, promote quality sleep and ease the discomfort of back / neck & shoulder problems

YOGA WORKS, it really is Magic for the BODY & MIND, feel free to try your first class at only £5.25 without committing to a course.

You can also ring me direct for informal chat if unsure

0770 803 6636 

Lisa Heaps Qualified IYN 2009

(Recommended by Chorley Hospital Physio Dept)


Lisa‘s yoga classes are recommended by a Chartered Physio-Therapist at Chorley Hospital, as per the Testamonial below: :

“Lisa’s classes are wonderful! She is a very experienced teacher & her knowledge and passion shine through. Her approach is kind, considerate, sensible and safe. She is able to adapt her class content to meet the needs of her students. Lisa’s classes enable the students to experience elements of Pranayama, Asana, Savasana & Yoga Philosophy. As a Chartered Physiotherapist and Student Yoga Teacher I would highly recommend Lisa and her yoga classes/teaching” JC Aug 19

“ I feel like my body has been Cherished” LP May 19

I feel like a different person since doing your yoga class” June 19

“I’ve never felt soo well since doing your yoga” Apr 17 

“You’ll enjoy this class, it’s like MEDICINE” RB Mar 19

“My shoulder has been brilliant since I started yoga in January. Before I began practicing yoga, I couldn’t sleep on my shoulder, but now I’ve go full range of movement back, it’s worked better than the physio treatment I had” Chorley Hospital Yoga Class Nov 18

“I always feel tired on a Monday, but after yoga I sleep really well and wake up full of energy on a Tuesday and ready to go” Preston Hospital Yoga Class Nov 18

“Yoga has really helped by back pain, and I’m much more flexible than my daughters” Chorley Hospital Yoga Class Nov 18

“I’m not really aware of my Body at all when I come into class, as I’m much more ‘in my head’, but by the end I can really feel what’s going on on the inside, and I feel much Stronger for it”  June 19

“Loved the yoga today, it Dusted all the Cobwebs away” Yogini May 19

“Awesome class today, really enjoyed” Yogini April 19